A company’s most valuable asset is its employees. To be able to attract the right employees, a company must be an attractive workplace. 

For the fourth year in a row, engineering professionals and students point to Ramboll as the most attractive workplace among consultancies by Ingeniøren. 5.800 experienced engineers and young talents answered this year’s survey.

Also, in Universum’s Student Survey 2019, which includes natural science students as well as engineering students, Ramboll was today announced industry winner among consultancies and the second most attractive employer among all engineering companies. More than 5,000 students took part in the survey.

Women point to Ramboll as the most attractive employer

According to Universum, the three most important factors when female students are considering a possible employer are: ‘Friendly work environment’, ‘Good reference for future career’ and ‘Inspiring purpose’. Ramboll is a top scorer within these topics. 

“To be an attractive workplace for female students, makes me especially proud. In Ramboll, we work to accelerate the progress of more women into business leadership" says Ib Enevoldsen, Managing Director for Ramboll in Denmark.

Ramboll has recently joined as a partner of The Diversity Council which is a strategic corporate alliance and an international diversity accelerator. As part of the partnership Ib Enevoldsen joins the CEO Committee working to remove barriers and accelerating the progress of more women to top business management and leadership positions in general.