Equality, diversity and inclusion

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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion 

We take equal opportunities seriously and have several Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) policies in place. This helps us ensure that we create an inclusive work environment and understand the opportunities that equality and diversity bring to our business. 

It also helps us attract qualified employees and responsible clients to our company in the future. 

Many major projects also require a strong EDI commitment and increased focus on the performance of suppliers, for example in the form of EDI reporting, stakeholder meetings and training. 


Our Equal Gender policy supports the principle of equal gender representation at board and management levels. We acknowledge the need for diversity and high professional competence criteria for board members and individuals in management positions. 

We are also continuously addressing any structural and cultural barriers for women’s advancement in Ramboll. By working proactively with increasing diversity at all levels in the company, we can better harvest the full potential of our talents and become the preferred employer in the industry for both men and women. 

Diversity goes hand-in-hand with collaboration and both are key in delivering better solutions to the benefit of our clients and company.

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