Kaare K.B. Dahl

Senior projektchef

T: +45 5161 6526

My job

As an engineer, my most important job is to get to the soul of a building and help the architect realise her vision. One of the most exciting projects I’ve ever been part of was the construction of Bella Sky Hotel in Copenhagen. It’s quite an impressive structure geometrically – which is why I’ve been invited to places such as Singapore, Sao Paulo and Mumbai to speak of the project. 

Working with talented people is inspiring and rewarding

I’m passionate about challenging constructions with a story out of the ordinary – like Bella Sky, for example. It’s an intriguing building because it’s tremendously challenging geometrically. Making it happen required an innovative mindset that pushed the boundaries of what we thought possible. On a project of this size, you also get to work with a lot of talented people, which is both incredibly inspiring and rewarding.