Your excellence powering innovation

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Your excellence powering innovation

A sustainable future requires innovative solutions. By being ingenious, we have the potential to transform the way we address society’s major challenges. That’s why we take innovation seriously.

Ramboll employs some of the brightest minds in the world. Making sure we can tap into this enormous reserve of expertise is one of our key priorities. 

To facilitate this potential, we have launched a comprehensive innovation programme: The Innovation Accelerator. The ‘Innovation Accelerator’ systematically facilitates new ideas within Ramboll and helps rapidly grow those that will deliver real value.  

The innovation accelerator

The programme leverages the in-house expertise of Ramboll’s employees combined with input from clients. The Innovation Accelerator encourages employees to submit ideas to an online platform. In the last two years, around 250 ideas have been submitted. Then a rigorous screening and selection process takes place; a selection committee evaluates all the ideas and selects 25 to enter a five-month programme, in which the selected participants learn to turn ideas into business. In this phase, the participants identify market potential, develop business models, test feasibility, build a prototype and – most importantly – validate that there is a sound client base. By the end of the Innovation Accelerator, three to five projects are selected to pitch their ideas to the Group Executive Board.

Of course, working for Ramboll is not just about identifying good ideas. We recognize that innovation is cultural and that is why it runs through the company. Working in cross-disciplinary project teams ensure a holistic approach and fosters an environment where the passion and expertise of each team member helps set the benchmark among our peers.