Our work is guided by values

Open positions

Backed by our foundation ownership, we always work from the highest ethical standards, and we strive to do right in everything we do – by people, by society and by the environment. We earn trust by being open and honest in all our endeavours. 

You and your colleagues are encouraged to collaborate in a friendly and flexible work environment. And we trust and expect you to take responsibility and make decisions you can be proud of.

Employees in park with city skyline in the background
“Knowing that you have an overall purpose is really inspiring and it is great to see that everyone around you feels the same way – that we are all working for the same mission.” - Julia Luongo, Managing Consultant, Environment & Health.

Our values

Ramboll has four value pairs: Insight & Excellence, Integrity & Empathy, Empowerment & Collaboration, and Enjoyment & Passion. The values guide us on how to fulfil our purpose, reach our ambitions, and stay committed to our key stakeholders. Read more about our values

The Ramboll Foundation is an active owner of the Ramboll group

The foundation ownership reflects the ambition of the founders Ramboll and Hannemann to create a company where revenue is re-invested into the company’s continual development, and where employees can feel a strong sense of ownership. Read more about the Ramboll Foundation and our legacy

Our employees are our most valuable asset

Ramboll has a strong focus on people management and people excellence. The expertise, creativity and professionalism of our employees underpin each and every one of our solutions.