Mia Wagner

Mia Wagner Kastrup

Head of Department, Bridges

T: +45 5161 6871

Career opportunities within bridges

Ramboll has more than 50 years of experience with project engineering of all types of bridges – from small bridges to the world’s largest bridges.  Ramboll offers all types of consultancy services within bridges: from the first drawings to the final project stands finished and ready to maintenance.

We are in it together 

I have always been fascinated by solving large complex problems using calculations and thorough insight. I especially enjoy doing so in the Ramboll work environment, where we all help each other out. 

My work
I work as a Structural Engineer in Ramboll’s department for International Bridges. For more than four years, I have been involved in the Queensferry Crossing project: a new bridge that spans the River Forth in Scotland. I have solved a variety of different tasks and learned a lot; building such a large bridge is incredibly complex and the process includes a number of diverse disciplines and requires people of different expertise. 

At Ramboll there is a positive atmosphere
The best thing about working at Ramboll is definitely the opportunity to create new solutions and being part of unique projects, which shape new structures all over the world. But what always makes my day is feeling the positive atmosphere and teamwork spirit at Ramboll. 

My advice to students who want to join Ramboll: follow your dream and passion, and apply even if there are no matching job posts. 

Mia Wagner began her career at Ramboll in 2012, while still a student.

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