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Ole Poulsen

Ole Poulsen

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With focus on material recovery and energy production, Ramboll provides a wide range of consultancy services throughout the establishment of a new sorting and biogas facility in Vestby, Norway.

Addressing new requirements in Norwegian waste policy (min. 80% of energy and material recovery), the inter-municipal waste management company, Follo Ren IKS, is establishing a new Material Recovery Facility (MRF) and Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant based house-hold waste from 5 municipalities.

The new MRF plant utilises the latest technologies within sorting practises, which ensures the high degree of recovery of materials from household waste (metals, plastic and organic food-waste). The organic food-waste is later processed in the AD plant resulting in the production of bio-fertilisers (compost containing nitrogen, phosphorous etc.) and biofuels for transportation.

Ensuring 60% of plastic recovery

Apart from diverting fossil-derived emissions, the new plant will also ensure min. 60% plastic recovery, min. 80% metal recovery and that 80% of food waste is composted and used for its soil-improving capabilities. To avoid smell, the ventilation system has built-in biofilters and will be odour free to the neighbours.

The new MRF and AD plant is designed through an inter-disciplinary collaboration of process and civil engineering, leading to an integrated odour free waste management solution with a high degree of energy recovery and innovative sorting mechanisms.

Project Facts:

  • Capacity: 29,000 tonnes per annum
  • Waste: Household waste
  • Production:

-  Bio-fertilizer: 11.600 tons/yr

-  Biofuel: 10.846 MWh/yr

-  Plastics: 2.088 tons/yr

-  Metals: 391 tons/yr

Being the owner’s Engineer, Ramboll is responsible for:

  • Technology review, feasibility study and technical specifications
  • Project planning, conceptual design and technical specifications
  • Tendering and contracting
  • Environmental evaluation and permitting
  • Overall supervision and planning of construction and commissioning 


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